Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past weekend, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant not too far from us. The girls love it there! The food is good - they love the miso soup and cabbage salad, and gobble up the chicken nuggets and rice, and in great anticipation of the 'hello kitty' ice cream that comes after. Daddy and I totally enjoy the very fresh sashimi they have. And the staff there all adore the girls; they are often showered with candies / lollipops when we leave. They find the girls most cute, especially since they always politely (or cheekily with big grins on their face) say 'xie xie' (thank you in Chinese) to them every time they come to our table. After lunch, the girls will run about in the little field outside the restaurant (and is great during the summer as we would eat outdoors next to the little field). Anyway, Bibou surprised us during lunch when she picked up her chopsticks and just started eating away with them!! Fortunately, I had my phone with me, so I snapped these videos.

Enjoy! Oh and here's a really cute photo for Seraphine. She loves wearing shoes, especially other people's shoes and one morning, I caught her wearing my croc boots! Poor girly has been sick recently, so a bit clingy. But prior to that, she's been proudly showing how she can pee on the toilet! Sigh, time for potty training again.

Bibou showing how she uses chopsticks.

Seraphine and I at the gelato shop having a(nother) treat.

The girls playing ball at the field in front of the restaurant.

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Ivana said...

We miss you all!!!